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I guess, you’ve asked yourself at least once in a lifetime: how to prepare successfully for a job-interview in English? And maybe you have even passed it through several times. Some trials were successful, some not. But have you ever analyzed your failures? I bet, there’s something common, that relates all bad preparations.

I’d like to describe my observations concerning this matter.

1. List of useful phrases.

Today many different job search websites offer you the so-called list of useful English phrases for a job-interview. You can take that list, reread it hundred times and even learn by heart. Will it promise effective preparation? The answer is “rather no”. Why? Because, you learn only how these phrases look like. But you don’t know how to use them, where to place, what effect they might cause on your interviewer.

2. Watching YouTube videos.

You can sit all days long at your computer, browsing and watching hundreds of job-interview videos. Of course, you will increase your awareness about the flow of a job-interview. But does it mean that you are now able to pass it through successfully? Not sure.

3. Picking up CV template online.

We cannot imagine applying for a job without a well-constructed CV, can we? So, most people take first more or less good template from the Internet, replacing somebody’s data with their own. That’s it! CV’s ready. Will it have a necessary impression on your potential employer? This is different question.

And now the main news: these approaches are weak and suspect. They hardly work. Instead of learning how useful phrases look like, you have to know, how you sound, pronouncing them. Moreover, since job-interview is a process that involves at least two participants, you have to train your listening skills, to know, how to react on your interlocutor’s questions. From this point of view you can’t train your imaginary job-interview in front of the mirror. For one simple reason: the mirror doesn’t have a tongue and it won’t respond you.

I suppose, that having a person, who could train you, give the best tips and hints, work out all texts, responds, strategies would be the most efficient solution. So, don’t wait! Find your English-speaking advisor and go ahead for success!

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